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How To Trade

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1 How To Trade on Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:58 pm

If you want to trade, please click HERE

First, you MUST make sure you have clicked 'Enable Trading'
To do this, click on the pet you want to trade. Next click on "Set Trade Status for -pet name-"
Click 'Enable Trading' and now you can trade it!
It is recommended that you do this to all your pets, except for the ones you cannot live without Wink This makes trading easier.

Now, go to the trade area.
Type in the ID of the adoptable you wish to receive. It is easier to find adoptables by making trade topics. You cannot type in the name of an adoptable. To find the ID of a pet, go to the pet you want and look at the address bar. It will say something like The 'id=3' is the ID of that pet!
-Notice- this will only show up if the page you are on looks like THIS
If you need more help finding the ID of the pet you can contact and admin or adoptables mod.
If you would like to find the ID of your own pet, just go to your terrarium, and click on the pet. The click 'Get BBCodes / HTML Codes for -pet name-'. Find the area in any of the codes that says id=#. That number is the ID of that pet.

You cannot give adoptables to other players for free. You can only take them. This is because the trade system uses the id of the other pet to message the user.

Next select the pet you want to give. You have to select it by name, NOT ID.

To see if you have any new trades, or to see if anyone has responded to your trades, scroll to the area on the trade page called Your Private Messages. This area has all trade messages in it. The do not show up in your forum messages area.

If you have any quesyions you can post here or PM an admin/adopt mod.
Im sorry this is so confusing but trust me, once you figure it out its quite simple Wink


If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask me.
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